Working with Integrity

Our three core values – Integrity, Excellence, and Respect for People – guide Eli Lilly and Company in all that we do. As the stewards of our company culture and reputation, HOW we do business is as important as WHAT we do. Being compliant and operating within ethical boundaries and with honesty and transparency is critical for us to

  • Earn and retain the trust of our customers,
  • Fulfill our vision of providing improved outcomes for individual patients, and
  • Maintain the privilege of operating in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.

Ethics and Compliance

  • Lilly is committed to the highest standards of corporate conduct in all of our business dealings globally.
  • Lilly maintains an effective ethics and compliance program designed to meet external requirements, guided by our core values and code of business conduct, The Red Book.
  • It is our expectation that Lilly employees will comply with The Red Book and the policies that have been established in support of that code.
  • We periodically review and enhance the ethics and compliance program to meet changing business needs and external requirements.
  • Lilly’s ethics and compliance program is a central component of how business is conducted and has oversight from the board of directors’ Public Policy and Compliance Committee.

Report An Ethics Violation / Concern:

If you believe that in the course of doing business we have not met regulations, or even fallen short of our own values, please tell us by calling the Lilly Ethics and Compliance Global Hotline at 1-800-80-8641 or via