Health, Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

As a healthcare company, Eli Lilly and Company is committed to the present and future well-being of the people and environment in which we live in.

Our Vision:

Our world class Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance truly matters to our patients, employees, shareholders, and the global community.

Our Beliefs:

  • No one should ever be hurt by doing their job at Lilly.
  • The Earth is ours to protect and pass on to future generations.
  • World Class HSE performance is a reflection of Lilly’s integrity.

Our Mission:

  • To engage Lilly leadership, employees, and external partners in the company’s goal of achieving an injury-free workplace,
  • To prevent catastrophic HSE events,
  • To ensure that our operations contribute to a cleaner and safer environment.

To help us achieve our vision, the following tools have been made available at Lilly:

Mobile Directions, HSE


Designed to focus on motor vehicle safety to reduce collision and injury.

Secure Directions, HSE


Designed to focus on general safety and personal security for employees working inside or outside the office (including slip/fall safety, fire safety and etc).

Ergo Directions, HSE


Designed to focus on reducing risk for manual handling on the field and improve office workstation ergonomics.

Green Directions, HSE


Designed to focus on improvements in energy conservation, waste reduction, and product stewardship and or sustainability.